Celebrating Predated Artistry – Wun Two’s Nosferatu EP

Image from wuntwo.bandcamp.com Published on UIC Radio. On the 26th of October, a small theater near the Loyola University campus, hidden in between a Starbucks and a Thai place, was premiering the F.W. Murnau’s 1922 silent film, Nosferatu. The theater room was compact with a lack of theater members and portrayed the film from a […]

Blurry Points of Reflection – DOPE90’s ‘Joint Flight’

Image from dope90.bandcamp.com There had been points of reminiscence that halt me in my tracks from time to time. In times of lax activity or isolation, one independent detail from an obscurely unrelated thing deceives my mind into approaching a flashback. Sometimes the enticement could occur through a song you’re listening to, as well as […]

Neptune Lagoon – Ella Mae and 2Late

Image from 2late1.bandcamp.com With all the stereotyping stipulated on SoundCloud’s internet presence, the website itself is an essential platform for the evolution of music itself. Musicians without the right connections or platforms now have a chance to shine their talent in the market that keeps changing. From sprung up one-hit wonders and consistent sounds from […]

Existential Acknowledgment – Lil Ugly Mane’s ‘Oblivion Access’ Album

Image from liluglymane.bandcamp.com All-around artists tend to display their talents through various personas. Through these pseudonyms, an artist like Travis Miller presents fragments of his overall character with bits and pieces patched together in fictional roles. Such as an author presenting their divided philosophy into different characters, musicians foretell their narrative through the musical personalities, […]

A Celebration of Life – ‘The Great Outdoors EP’ by ExZac Change and Matisse

Image from genius.com The same story has been told, is being told, and will be told for every life born and decomposed. Every boy growing into a man is the conventional story of growth and perseverance. The glorious moments will exalt the character, but those moments are impossible without the sheath of sorrow. In between […]

Beat Wanderer Rago Foot

Image from ragofoot.bandcamp.com In the description of his only project in his Bandcamp page so far, he stated that his album, Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission, was recorded and constructed on multiple musical recorders, instruments, computers, on various tours, bathrooms, basements, and subway trains. The young architect seems to never sleep. Much of […]