Mujo & Hakone’s Winter Nights

Chicago is now witnessing one of the more quietest winters the city’s experienced in years. The blazing January snow is substituted by Spring’s early showers and airy sun rays. The last time the city had experienced a significant snow assault was somewhere in November. The recent holiday season has forgotten a vital aspect of the […]

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Poetic Inspiration – Pieces of a Man by Mick Jenkins

Image from This post was published on Jenkins’ 2014 EP, The Waters, may have been one of the more powerful projects I remember listening to during the idle doldrums of my lifeguard shifts. I remember opening up the front gate to the swimming pool with earbuds plugged, listening to tracks such as Vibe and Comfortable. The project itself […]

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Anti-Sensationalism with Mujo

Image from Mujo is one in the plethora of beat producers who hide within the international scope of the instrumental movement. Not much is known about his lifestyle or the styles of choice that influences his music. Perhaps not even much of his physical presence has been witnessed or seen by his listeners. The […]

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Soul Flow of Eric Lau

Image from Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul go hand in hand, with the ability to disguise each other in their fusion, or distinctly flow together as a perfect duo. Something about the MPC’s instruments emulates the sounds of the drums and cymbals so well, that both instruments could be mistaken for one another at some points. […]

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