Urban Resonance with Gideon King & City Blog’s ‘Upscale Madhouse’

Image from rockonphilly.com The modern metropolitans of today’s future can bring upon a wave of confused and unstudied emotions. With so many aspiring denizens living under one hivemind can bring about the feelings of exaltation, ironic isolation, anguishing stress, and awed inspiration. It seems that the best stories of today come from the cosmopolitans of […]

Combating Your Demons – Street Sects ‘The Kicking Mule’ Album

Image from streetsects.bandcamp.com This post was published on nerdyscoop.com The urban Hardcore scene is riddled with begrudged souls and content marauders. This has always been the case since Hardcore’s augmentation from the 1980’s and throughout. Going to a Hardcore show is like no other experience. Not many other event fanatics treat each other as dear […]

Gathering of Hardcore Fanatics – Lil Ugly Mane and No Warning

Image from reggieslive.com Earlier in the Fall season, Memphis Underground Rapper Travis Miller, known by his pseudonym as Lil Ugly Mane, had posted an inauspicious announcement of his first tour in half a decade. Touring with Memphis Hardcore Punk band No Warning, fans of Lil Ugly Mane have been awed by his sudden appearance after his seemingly […]

Classified Frequency ‘Black Eye EP’ Preview

  Image from Classified Frequency’s Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/classifiedfrequency)   Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic Power Pop is one of those Rock genres that seems to be in yet another resurrection phase, and that is a good thing. Washington DC/Baltimore area quartet Classified Frequency is back with “Black Eye”, their latest (third) EP to prove the point. […]

Odd Flashbacks – Bulldada ‘What a Bunch of Bulldada’ Reflection

Image from bulldada.bandcamp.com During the early 2000’s, late night programming saw their coalition with animation. With the likes of late night channels such as Adult Swim and Comedy Central, shows likes Space Ghost Coast to Coast and South Park saw a rise in ratings and cultural popularity. Particularly with the Adult Swim channel, their popularity […]