Mujo & Hakone’s Winter Nights

Chicago is now witnessing one of the more quietest winters the city’s experienced in years. The blazing January snow is substituted by Spring’s early showers and airy sun rays. The last time the city had experienced a significant snow assault was somewhere in November. The recent holiday season has forgotten a vital aspect of the […]

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Fela Kuti’s Attack on the “Crazed World” with Beasts Of No Nations

Democracy is a young force that claims to be swaddling Nigeria, but through lack of democratic enforcement and minimal efforts from the federal power, the grasslands, and dry harbored factions, has been nullified into a state of limbo. Through a lack of resources and the encroachment of corruption, Nigeria is still in the struggle for […]

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Just Rese – HIPS EP

This post was published on One of the most powerful aspects of Hip-Hop is how fluid the genre can be. Hip-Hop has the viscosity to sound soulful and soothing, or warped into a menacing piece of gritty street representation. Hip-Hop songs can be made into dance plays, activist demonstrations, urban pantomimes, or rambunctious thrash […]

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The Anonymity of Jack J

Jack J is Dub music’s modern enigmatic figure. For once in a period, he’ll expose his hand with a new single or EP. For a good duration of time, his fans are left with his precious relics. For a short period in between 2012 to 2014, Jack J would release an occasional EP or single […]

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