Funk Excellence – Anderson .Paak’s ‘Oxnard’ Album

Image from No other geographical reservoir in the world cultivates more sensual or saucy Funk music than the west coast, or more specifically, Los Angelos. The west coast has culled some of the most auspicious tones of Funk, Neo-Soul, and Hip-Hop throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century. During Hip-Hop’s infancy, the west coast implanted […]

Algebraic Success of Pete Rock and InI’s Center of Attention

Image from In basic algebraic language, two variables multiply their values and result into an amplified value. Two and two go together, cultivating a new and higher integer. This basic understanding is translatable in the form of literature, art, and interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. With the case of music, the basic translation meditates on […]

Combating Your Demons – Street Sects ‘The Kicking Mule’ Album

Image from This post was published on The urban Hardcore scene is riddled with begrudged souls and content marauders. This has always been the case since Hardcore’s augmentation from the 1980’s and throughout. Going to a Hardcore show is like no other experience. Not many other event fanatics treat each other as dear […]

Celebrating Predated Artistry – Wun Two’s Nosferatu EP

Image from Published on UIC Radio. On the 26th of October, a small theater near the Loyola University campus, hidden in between a Starbucks and a Thai place, was premiering the F.W. Murnau’s 1922 silent film, Nosferatu. The theater room was compact with a lack of theater members and portrayed the film from a […]

Blurry Points of Reflection – DOPE90’s ‘Joint Flight’

Image from There had been points of reminiscence that halt me in my tracks from time to time. In times of lax activity or isolation, one independent detail from an obscurely unrelated thing deceives my mind into approaching a flashback. Sometimes the enticement could occur through a song you’re listening to, as well as […]