Urban Resonance with Gideon King & City Blog’s ‘Upscale Madhouse’

Image from rockonphilly.com The modern metropolitans of today’s future can bring upon a wave of confused and unstudied emotions. With so many aspiring denizens living under one hivemind can bring about the feelings of exaltation, ironic isolation, anguishing stress, and awed inspiration. It seems that the best stories of today come from the cosmopolitans of […]

Algebraic Success of Pete Rock and InI’s Center of Attention

Image from pete-rock.bandcamp.com In basic algebraic language, two variables multiply their values and result into an amplified value. Two and two go together, cultivating a new and higher integer. This basic understanding is translatable in the form of literature, art, and interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. With the case of music, the basic translation meditates on […]

Gathering of Hardcore Fanatics – Lil Ugly Mane and No Warning

Image from reggieslive.com Earlier in the Fall season, Memphis Underground Rapper Travis Miller, known by his pseudonym as Lil Ugly Mane, had posted an inauspicious announcement of his first tour in half a decade. Touring with Memphis Hardcore Punk band No Warning, fans of Lil Ugly Mane have been awed by his sudden appearance after his seemingly […]

Postmodernist Sound – Tim Hecker’s ‘Konoyo’ Album

Image from timhecker.bandcamp.com This post was published on nerdyscoop.com Post-Modernist art has an ambiguous definition attached to its meaning. Understanding how Post Modernism pervades throughout the spectrum of art and media can be complicated but is essential to understand its most basic capsulization. It basically sums up to this understanding. After World War II, a […]

Music Modernization Act: A Brief Synopsis

Image from billboard.com This post had been published on UIC Radio On September 18, 2018, Congress unanimously passed the Music Modernization Act of 2018, S.2334. The bill received immense support from musicians, their affiliated labels, and from government agencies representing the platforms themselves. In essence, the Act guarantees that musicians will be rightfully paid for their […]

Flaunting Recollection – Pharrell’s In My Mind Album

Image from playthishiphop.com Hearing those classic chords for the first time as a young, petulant kid was something I’ll never forget. Between 2005-2006, YouTube was still in its infancy and music was held under the responsibility of television/radio media and illegal downloads. In a dark-lit room right before the strike of sunrise, the glow of […]

Melody Behind The Meaning – Noname’s ‘Room 25’ Album

Image from stereogum.com This post was published on nerdyscoop.com In recent years, Fatimah Nyeema Warner known by her current artist persona as Noname has been active in the advancing the Chicago Rap scene over the past couple of years. As the vocal bodies of Trap and Drill music have been reverberating throughout Chicago, Chance The […]