Psychedelic Flavors with Coryayo’s ‘Stones-Ape Theory’

Image from The twentieth century was the indefinite impetus of how we think and react to the natural world today. One of the pushes that thwarted Victorian era-thinking was the open studies and discussion on psychedelic usage. For a brief moment in western history, before the declared War on Drugs, mind-altering substances, most significantly […]

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The Singles Keep On Coming

Image from paris_monster’s Facebook Page Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic Around late November and early December is the season when the album releases quite down, but the singles keep on coming. So, here is a batch of some interesting releases that do not necessarily hit the top of the review lists, but possibly should… 1). Adam […]

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Odd World of Sketches Of Brunswick East

Image from Sound has nearly no boundaries to attend to. The appeasing sound attracts the listener to its otherworldly void. The displeasing sound nullifies the listener’s interests. If the music sounds great, more than half of the music’s purpose has been perfected. The story told, whether there is one or not, is the other […]

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House Music’s Next Evolutionary Duo

Image from Nearing the end of 2016, I’ve exhausted the amount of House music I’ve been listening to. Matthew Herbert’s material maximized the amount of nebulous music I could handle before being provoked by the likes of Mall Grab and DJ Boring. Thankful for the usefulness of YouTube recommendations, the voyage from the track […]

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