Rhythm Section’s House Movement

Image from factmag.com Bradley Zero discovered his platform in 2009. Through this platform held a vision that manifested in his mind. The platform allowed his mind to elucidate the vision into a reality, rendering it successful. The label, Rhythm Section, then joined forces with NTS Radio in 2012 to transfer through the intestines of Europe’s […]

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Trill Perfection With DJ Smokey

Image from daily.bandcamp.com Trill music is steadily being affixed into Rap’s pervasive fabric all over the internet and the media. The genre isn’t stampeding through the winds by any means. Since the days of Three 6 Mafia, it crept beneath the earth, popping its head out once in a while. Now that Rap music birthed […]

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Pinty’s ‘Tropical Bleu’ Single

Image from boomkat.com I’ve been instilled in my patience, waiting for MC Pinty to release anything for the past three years. After Sub Luna City’s breakthrough in early 2014, members King Krule, Rago Foot, Black Mack, and Jadasea have been slowly but surely exposing some of their own vignettes. Although not officially a part of […]

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Mndsgn’s Musical Capacity with Body Wash

Image from mndsgn.bandcamp.com Through extraterrestrial voyages, beyond the incomprehensible, comes along the synthetic dance grooves of Parliament-Funkadelic and low-headed prancers of the night clubbers. Now that the world has been flipped upside down and shaken unfathomably once again, sounds like these are sought out and discovered. Mndsgn is a creative relic to cherish for the […]

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