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Matthew Herbert “Around The House” Reflection

Image from Earlier in the millennia, Pitchfork had named this album one of the greatest albums from the 1990’s. Whether that was an exaggerated claim is nonetheless unrelated, because the House scene would not be where it is today if it weren’t for the works of Matthew Herbert himself. Herbert is one of those […]

Want to Write About Your Favorite Music Genre and Artists? Join Aural Grove

I had started this blog in July of this year, out of an anxious reaction. In the midst of the blood-curdling humidity, I had started to foresee the terrible actualization. For two years, I’ve been obsessively collecting records, keeping up with my favorite musicians, and debating with friends on who the best rapper is today. […]

Knxwledge “SKR∆WBERRiES​.​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​.​3” Reflection

The lo-fi aesthetic seems to be a novelty in today’s music scenes. Much like Hip-Hop, Punk music is seeing itself becoming more grunge in tone and heavier in the bass. The newer Vaporwave genre uses the lo-fi aesthetic to its full advantage, even strolling along with the advent of coded purple and hazy filters on […]