Poetic Anxiety – Bedwetter ‘Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth and Describe The Present’ Reflection

  Image from liluglymane.bandcamp.com Much of the music out there today could be described as ‘angry’ or ‘reactive.’ In our social and political climate, there are heaps of musicians expelling their frustrations of the world into the microphone. Popular forms of relinquishing music usually come in the expression of teenage angst. Although many musicians out […]

Reflecting On The Quiet – Denmark Vessey ‘Sun Go Nova’ Reflection

Image from denmarkvessey.bandcamp.com The venerable pastor and beloved children’s show icon, Fred Rogers, would emphasize, in some of his interviews, about the importance of quiet moments. He exclaimed that his childhood experiences and sensations would allow a lot of time for him to venture into the quiet moments. These moments would offer periods of reflection […]

Age of Instrumental Hip-Hop – Samiyam ‘Sam Baker’s Album’ Reflection

Image from ninjatune.net It seems that there is no better or worse time to be a producer. With the advent of digital streaming and content marketing, musicians are free to market their music where and how they please. Although it may be convenient, this convenience will undoubtedly always lead to a saturation in the market. […]

Abstraction Translated Into Music – Teebs ‘Ardour’ Reflection

Image from rateyourmusic.com By the time this album was released, Teebs was only 23 years old. Whether someone would consider that young for a music prodigy, they should recall that Brian Wilson was 23 years old when the infamous Pet Sounds album cultivated a young following for the Beach Boys decades later. By the time […]

When Collaboration Works – Dave Sparkz and Wun Two’s ‘Natural Selection’ Reflection

Image from davesparkzwuntwo.bandcamp.com During my high school years, I convinced myself that I wanted to design graphic t-shirts for a living. We had a substitute teacher for one of my classes, who just showed us a film for the class as he indolently laid back in the teacher’s desk for the rest of the period. […]

Mild High Club ‘Skiptracing’ Reflection

Image from mildhighclub.bandcamp.com Throughout my high school years, the likes of Mac Demarco and his alternative affiliates were garnering attention from the most music-heavy students in my school. There was an attraction for Demarco’s music and the genre overall. At first glance, the music is chilled, relaxed, charming, and even lustrous at times. Demarco didn’t […]

Nujabes/Fat Jon ‘Departure’ Reflection (Influential Musical Experience)

Image from open.spotify.com For many people who are hooked on to a certain genre, whether it be Rap-heads, Grunge kids, or Jazz folks, typically their predilection occurred from early on. Fans of Punk Rock became fans of the genre usually through listening to Nirvana during middle school. Listeners who avidly praise Rap music may have […]

Chris Orrick “Portraits” Review

Image from chrisorrickraps.bandcamp.com This post was published on nerdyscoop.com Many rappers don’t come from the dog-eat-dog world that much of the media has been portraying since Rap’s inception in the music scene. Much of Rap’s historical provocateurs have been expressing these themes and emotions through their music, so it’s understandable why people would paint Rap […]