Music Modernization Act: A Brief Synopsis

Image from This post had been published on UIC Radio On September 18, 2018, Congress unanimously passed the Music Modernization Act of 2018, S.2334. The bill received immense support from musicians, their affiliated labels, and from government agencies representing the platforms themselves. In essence, the Act guarantees that musicians will be rightfully paid for their […]

A Celebration of Life – ‘The Great Outdoors EP’ by ExZac Change and Matisse

Image from The same story has been told, is being told, and will be told for every life born and decomposed. Every boy growing into a man is the conventional story of growth and perseverance. The glorious moments will exalt the character, but those moments are impossible without the sheath of sorrow. In between […]

Flaunting Recollection – Pharrell’s In My Mind Album

Image from Hearing those classic chords for the first time as a young, petulant kid was something I’ll never forget. Between 2005-2006, YouTube was still in its infancy and music was held under the responsibility of television/radio media and illegal downloads. In a dark-lit room right before the strike of sunrise, the glow of […]

Beat Wanderer Rago Foot

Image from In the description of his only project in his Bandcamp page so far, he stated that his album, Another Man On A Zig Zag Mission, was recorded and constructed on multiple musical recorders, instruments, computers, on various tours, bathrooms, basements, and subway trains. The young architect seems to never sleep. Much of […]