Street Sects’ Despondence With ‘Goodbye Recidivist Road’

Since their first Gentrification project, released in 2014, vocalist Leo Ashline and instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth of Street Sects have demonstrated their capacity for macabre noise and despondent story-telling.

Dread, addiction, and pain never transmuted so well into sound before. Through explosive drumming sets and a screeching dialect penetrating through the horror, the duo has developed a unique image that many other Hardcore bands have yet to conceive.


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Their latest single, Goodbye Recidivist Road, continues the maniacal force, this time continuing their prose of desperation and isolation caused by gentrification. These hopeless characters often present in their stories make a return with their catering voice; Ashline’s vocals.

Although the title indicates a sociopolitical front, the duo has clarified that the inspiration comes from a deeper, more individual perspective. Lives begrudged with isolation and financial distress caused by this perilous force.

Throughout its duration, the instrumental changes and shifts its pace. Inimically pouncing as Ashline speaks his prose, the layered instrumental amplifies in menace, then will take sudden stops. After the half-point, the single will travel through mystifying soundbites with tad bits of thrashing drums. This then transitions into an entourage of battling drums and Ashline’s aggressive vocal assault.

Bands like Street Sects understand individual pain, as Goodbye Recidivist Road just happens to be another track in their voyage to protest against the machine.




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