Otherworldly Sounds With Pink Siifu’s ‘zen’

Despondent lullabies and mind-whirling soundscapes are what entails in this forty-minute project. Basing his artistry on the oddity of his music, Pink Siifu has been proactive in his pursuit for over a decade.

zen, released in July of 2014, is one of the earlier projects displayed on his Bandcamp page. It’s an instrumental EP that encompasses the vastness of noise and plays around with its spiritual capacity.


Image from ronee.bandcamp.com

Much of these instrumentals sound shamanic, relying on prolonged chords and sample choices. These soundbites and instrument choices sway in different directions in abrupt times, threshing towards a different feeling.

The tracks that exemplify this the best are the straightforwardly-named “lookup Alan Watts *strings by Sudan Moon” and “made this on josh couch watching Animatrix.” With the case of these tracks, the feeling could be blissful and wavy, and at other times, menacing.

It is best to listen to something like this with an open mind and allow the obscure project to take you into its unknown world.


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