Jazz and House Intermingling With Sterfry’s ‘Life Pt. 1’

Cataloging through streaming services beyond the scope of promoted material can expose hidden gems to your listening catalog. I’ve soon discovered that once I’ve stumbled upon the underground Electronic label based in Singapore, Darker Than Wax.

The label brought forth to the world a modicum of musicians with a twisted sense of music arrangement and esoteric tastes, bringing in a fusion of sweet Jazz and sultry House music. One of those musicians is a Jazz musician who goes by the pseudonym of Sterfry.


Image from soundcloud.com

A Jazz musician by heart and an Electronic technician in capability, Sterfry’s music is a heinously hidden reservoir of dazzling gold. Life Pt.1 demonstrates his ability to cater to a handful of genres and intertwine them into a cohesive mesh of smooth, concordant vibrations.

Right from the start, the track Wayword1, featuring harmonizing vocals from Sunshine, is a joyous Electronic Dance song that streams with pouncing bass and drum lines. The next song is a heavy, Lo-Fi track titled Hot Tub Olympics where Sterfry implements sporadic chord lines into an airy mix.


Image from darkerthanwax.com

The track Gone!! involves Sterfry’s signature saxophone lines with humid chords and a rattling, danceable drum line. Alternating between tracks, Life Pt. 1 is at times a House project and at other times a Jazz or Alternative project.

Sterfry’s multi-talented advantage he used to create this project is a feat in itself. Life Pt. 1 is melodic through its course and earns Sterfry the right for more exposure in his future endeavors.



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