Seba Jun’s Immediate Influence With DJ Ezasscul’s State of Mind

The passing of venerated Hip-Hop producer Seba Jun (Nujabes) sparked a special movement that still reigns strong to this day. Many young and sombered producers wanted to hold the torch and create dedications based on his legacy. During the same year of his death, a figure from the barrage came forth and stood in the forefront of the movement.

DJ Ezasscul’s State of Mind was officially released in July of 2010, which also managed to get a reissued edition for streaming services in 2013. State of Mind is as blissful as it is entrancing. Each beat can be simplified to its elemental structure, but once composed together, stimulates an oddly pious concoction of Jazz-sampled Hip-Hop beats.


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Arranged in the order of the reissue, Love Fever is the first track to start off the listening session. The track follows the accordance of repeated loops all soundingly conversing with one another. A loop of gentle drums and snares, as well as a loop of brass instrumentations.

Another track, Night At Club Tokyo, is a change in style and pace. The drums become heaved with booming bass lines as the chords start to prance in the center stage. Resembling that of a night-club House track, it is a fine shift in the spirit of the album.

Acrylic is an especially illuminating track. The chords straddle in between space and nature and have that nocturnal, eerie feeling to them. Wrapped around in a perfected drum pattern, this track is surely one of the fleshed-out highlights of the album.


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The rest of the project follows suit with the intention DJ Ezasscul is aiming for. Each track is distinguished from one another, sometimes utilizing similar patterns and drum packs. At the same time, each beat has its own personality to showcase, standing out from the crowd. Inasmuch as it caters towards the legacy Seba Jun left, it is the hands of DJ Ezasscul that we’re seeing.

This was the breakthrough for the young, 17-year-old musician. This serves as a good reminder for a time that started out heartbreaking but ended up creating something more powerful than one man could have.



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