Going Through The Clouds with Rejoicer’s ‘Heavy Smoke’

For this weekend, all the hype and buzz surround’s Anderson .Paak’s obviously masterful 11-track album, Ventura. The only aspect I grin at Rejoicer’s new EP, Heavy Smoke, is the overshadowed burden it would have to suffer through for the weekend.


Image from rejoicer.bandcamp.com

It’s a shame because, for the sixteen minute-duration of this project, Rejoicer manages to find his most blissful voice. The tracks here are cloudy and watery. Plentiful amounts of glitter and liquid soul ooze into the core of the beats. Yet another unique collection of work from the Stones Throw catalog, Tel Aviv’s Rejoicer introduces Heavy Smoke only after an 8-month hiatus from his awe-inspired album, Energy Dreams.

Heavy Smoke carries a similar, lighter weight than Energy Dreams due to the sheer amount of songs, but holds it’s weight nimbly and with full focus. Starting from the sprightly track Note to the theatrical coda of PTD, the tracks here aid the seamless voyage Rejoicer wants to take you through. Chords being compressed and decompressed, overlaying against one another while being swarmed by fluttering soundbites and soundscapes.

The track Heavy Smoke involves chimes that tread along the vocals utilized from the unknown yet talented singer, logi. At the high points of the track, there are moving violin strings that breathe new life into the tracks, almost feeling transcendental.


Image from nts.live

My personal favorite track, PTD, is an instrumental form of serenity. A few chords gradually become enveloped by sparkling soundbites and heavy bass chords, all simultaneously working towards its sudden end.

Rejoicer has somehow reached the next dimension with his eclectic mind. Already inspiring his home city with the beat movement, it will be surely a blessing to see how much more he could impact in the upcoming years.

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