Hubert Daviz Allows Room For Thought With ‘diezel ep’

Madlib may or may have inadvertently initiated the movement for loop-digging and sampling inspiration. From the cradling walls of Stones Throw to the Jazz-inspired Boom Bap movement of Western Europe, there’s a resonating dialogue being spoken. Jazz Hop is sparking that resonance in the western world, and this is apparent in projects like Hubert Daviz’s ‘diezel ep.’


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Daviz has a nice ear for blissful sound and knows how to add blissful noises to his creation. There’s something that he does to his beats that differ from many other producers of his kind, with the exception of FloFilz and Wun Two. His instrumentals are sultry and humid, intensifying the atmosphere of the already nocturnal Jazz samples.

His 2018 beat tape, ‘diezel ep,’ is divided into seven, short instrumentals. These beats follow the same procedure as many Lo-Fi beat producers do, but with this EP, Daviz wanted to construct something more contemplative, privy to meditation. This is a very chilled, nocturnal beat tape that offers room for the mind to concentrate or explore.

The ambiguous titles of Osmo and Pianeta Pietra Focaia, which possibly translates to “flint planet,” denotes any contextual significance of these tracks, and allows the music do the demonstrating.


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The origin of the samples is hidden beneath their significant obscurity. These samples sound as if Daviz had grudged through boxes of forgotten VHS tapes, just to find the right, single sound bit for looping material. With just minimal effort from Daviz’s hand on the MPC, there’s a good amount of allocated void.

These beats are slow, silent, moody, and thoughtfully composed. For the next eighteen minutes or so, you’re transported into a world where nobody exists and nothing disturbs the still silence of the night. This is a beat tape is pure nightly bliss in its essence.


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