Last Nubian’s Hidden House Gem With The Reunion EP

Once in a while, a hidden gem manages its way to climb out of the burrows. Last Nubian’s name is nowhere to be pronounced, with the exception of his Soundcloud page and a few record labels promoting his music on their Bandcamp page. This is a sad but hopeful reality for him. Being that on his latest project, The Reunion EP, he demonstrates that he knows how to execute the House music formula better than many House musicians out there today.


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The Reunion EP is divided into two sides, A and B. Together, they hold the original and revised tracks that range differently in time but hold consistency in tone equaling to nine tracks. This project is House music drilled in with a Jazzy air, with soulful contemplation. Each track and their revised counterpart billows a sultry feeling to the listener, transporting them into a humid world of iridescent lighting and light-hearted joy.

The track Freddie Cougar, from side A, is a cloudy mesh of drowning chord chimes rhythmically dancing with hard bops and snares. It’s uplifting and in the same right, soothing. It’s Jazz-revised counterpart, conducted by Paso, induces the track with beautiful piano pounces and a quiet drumming entourage.

A personal highlight from side B is the track Push and Pull. There is a hard drum snare that bounces along with the groovy and ethereal chords. The track is perfectly played in a nightclub, bouncing along with the rarefied and careless aura of the dance room.


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By far, this may be his longest project, and personally, my favorite from him. As Last Nubian continues his course to entrance his listener with melodic House tracks, hopefully, his name will eventually stand out in the scene.

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