[bsd.u] and His Pursuit and Simplicity

In a short interview, a young man, scruffed and balanced with his temperament sits forward nonchalantly, smoking his cigarette and speaking in a soft-spoken tone. His demeanor is approachable but relaxed. When he speaks about his past, he mentions a backstory that’s just as relatable to any of our humble beginnings. Playing video games and listening to beats in the background for added leisure.

His main point in the interview was to continue your pursuit. Keep outworking those in your field so that you could stay relevant and present. It’s as simple as it sounds, coming from someone with such an odd mind for aural taste and conduction.

My first encounter with his music was his LP for the German music label, Radio Juicy, entitled Late night bumps. The instrumentals and remixes on the project were simple and on the point, without much-added texture or coloring to them. Although, through the simplicity, behind the creation of those beats are the workings of an avid music listener and connoisseur.


Image from radiojuicy.bandcamp.com

The samples chosen are the essence of the whole track. His conduction over the sample, his precise looping, and tampered drums and snares change the overall core of the sample in a Hip-Hop approach. A track such as Late Summer introduces the intrinsic character that [bsd.u] portrays himself as in his music. A laid back Jazz sample enveloped by obscure sound bits and lowly compressed beat snares. Beats that are laid back without a care in a world.

My personal favorite track, If We Meet Again, loops both the sample and the beat pattern in perfect, harmonious accordance. There is no better example of how to make a modern Lo-Fi beat than this.

Each element of the beat is wrapped together, just enough to make the perfect cohesion. Another aspect of his music that distinguishes him from the rest is his ability to catch on the conventions of musical notches. With Lo-Fi as his foundation, he grabs his listeners’ attention with crackling, VHS-inspired sound bits and filters.


Image from bsdu.bandcamp.com

His creativity translates to pure simplistic bliss. A figure without much intention, rather than just continue his unique trend, ended up as one of the most renowned Lo-Fi artists to this day. Tunnel-vision discipline opening pathways for a successful future.



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