Foka’s Nocturnal Ambiance With Midnight Marauders

Occasionally, there sprouts a release on Bandcamp filled with hidden gems. Humble, nuanced beats that serve for the moment without an err to be witnessed throughout the first listen. A seasonal gem to be held in retrospect is a hidden gem entitled Midnight Marauding by Polish beat producer, Foka.

This seems to be the only project on his Bandcamp page, which was released back in 2012. It’s a shame, being that this style of production would have served well with the Lo-Fi boom that occurred within the later years.


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Foka’s Midnight Marauding is a simple instrumental project on paper. Finding an obscure sample to loop over break beats and compressed snares. It is filled with ten instrumentals that follow the same procedure with their own respective personal flavors and textures. Although, these ten tracks collectively comprise a pure sensation. The title, Midnight Marauders, seems to exemplify the atmosphere of these ten tracks so well.

There is a quite subtly that is pervasive throughout the whole listening session. An ambiance eluded by caressing Hip-Hop drums and odd-sound bits. These beats all transpire to the soundtrack of a nightly stroll. When Foka hits a drum, the reciprocation of the bell tends to last longer than typical. When he compresses a beat, the sound gurgles in low-tone.

The track titled tapedeck sound has a quiet piano chord that lets its own sound die out while allowing the drum to pummel along its stride. The track titled midnight marauders envelopes together the aesthetic of a typical 90s inspired Hip-Hop beat, and compress the sound of it to match the nocturnal mood.

These are instrumentals meant for the dead of night. Whether it be at the comfort of your mattress or perusing along the field under the grand moonlight shine, the function of the project serves perfectly for either scenario. Midnight Marauders is a good instrumental project that fits the atmosphere it’s trying to breathe in.

Whether or not Foka will appear again to release more of his craft, this album will be a hidden gem to impress those lucky enough to discover it.

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