Cookin’ Soul’s Dedication To J Dilla With ‘4 DILLA vol. 3’

Dilla programmed a process that his predecessors now practice. This program came influenced the slight shift in Hip-Hop culture as a result. The act of looping a sample with absolute precision, then enveloping the beat with modernized MPC beat snares and drum kits.

With the recent passing of J Dilla’s 45th birthday, artists and fans paid their indefinite respects to the late legend. Since his passing in 2006, his conventionals and students have been crafting their work under his methodology.


Image from (Illustrated by OBIIAD)

Oddly enough, this project was the only one in face-value that came out this year. Cookin’ Soul seems to be an apparent duo that has existed since, speculatively, 2005. The name of Big Size and Zock sprung upon the internet’s surface after their recent holiday-season rendition of MF Doom samples and cut-ups, entitled DOOM XMAS.

For their new project, For Dilla Vol. 3, they’re paying their dedication in a similar style of their own technique, as well as implementing Dilla’s touch to these four tracks.

These beats are poignantly titled Belong, Couldu, Sure, and Fallin. These provide the resemblance of works that Dilla could have produced during his time on earth while compressing them with the signature ‘vinyl sound.’


Image from

A personal favorite track is entitled Sure. Just like how Dilla would have done, this track just lightens up the room with the various sound cuts and drums implemented into the jovial and airy sample. Barely lasting over two minutes, it’s a loop that gets straight to the point, all the while eluding a vibrant, sunny quality.

As long as Hip-Hop is stuck in the minds of existing listeners, Dilla’s name will refuse to wane away. Newer generations will follow the likes of him and the previous students, just as how Cookin Soul is setting with this project.



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