Figub Brazlevic’s Prayer For Old-School

Figub Brazlevic constructs his beats with methodological precision. Every microsecond of a sample counts, as every drum and snare must be arranged in the perfect order. This type of careful dedication is what is tested in the revitalized Jazz/Hip-Hop genre.

Now nearly any individual with half of the necessary computer skills can operate Pro Tools or Fruity Loops. With this skill comes a necessity that separates the halfwits from the innately advantageous. Figub Brazlevic, hailing from Germany, was allowed given life at the right time and place.


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Germany now reigns in the resurgence of Old-school Hip-Hop. This dedication promulgated the stream of German and English Hip-Hop producers who are consciously reporting against the bombastic clamor of Drum and Bass-inspired Rap music. These artists are paying their respects to the likes of Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, and the such.

Brazlevic is no exception. He has been active in this movement since initiating Benne Baquiat in 2012, which allowed like-minded DJ’s to showcase their music to a live, yearning, and receptive audience.

Ever since then, Brazlevic has been active in his work, releasing project after project, radio mix after DJ set. His openness to collaborations extends the raw power of his old-school dedications, savoring every lyrical taste that bounces from his beats.

A recent project, Strictly 4 All, is a purely naked and soulful demonstration of Hip-Hop’s initial core. Slick repeating loops matched with lyrical onslaughts. Companioning Braslevic in this project is Rapper Teknical Development.


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The perfect example of the project’s raw power is the track Take A Flight, featuring Noritsu. Matched with Brazlevic’s soulful Boom-Bap demonstration, Teknical Development rips apart the production with lines such as:

Enough of tearing the scene. Enough of blazing it first. Tears in the eyes of the dreams. Smile in the face of nightmares. Do you know your worth? Of your cross, the power of words. 

Brazlevic seams together the tides of Jazz and Hip-Hop so lucidly to the point of instant recognition. The track Influence from his 2014 project Keats Vol. 1 would be another presentable example. Brazlevic loops together with the few Jazz samples, envelopes them with some necessary drums and adds the flavorful arrangement to its order.


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For four minutes, the only thing important is the soulful resonance spilled from the track’s perfect order.

The whole project acts in the same manner. For the twelve tracks, the listener is just idling along with his or her work or hobby. Enjoying their leisure as the background music emanates from wall to wall.

After all these years, Brazlevic never seems to fail in staying true to his sound, all the while also shifting his tastes to flare his process up.  Whatever his next step is, it will surely be an exciting project to wait for.


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