The Garden’s ‘The Life And Times Of A Paperclip’

There is an addictive quality of shortness. Once a sound catches you, the duration itself is relished with every second that counts and every breath it spouts. This certain approach to music is a daring one, especially for a debut album.

The Garden formed in Orange County, California in 2011, comprising of twin brothers Fletcher and Wyatt Shears. They could be classified as an Alternative or Rock band, but categorizing them would be a vague effort. There isn’t really a genre to define them as.

The duo is a rambunctious powerhouse that displays an odd range of sound knowledge with a limited number of instruments they have acquired. With whatever support they utilize, their maximum output is not hidden beneath any surface. All their work is fleshed out with passion and vigor.


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The Life And Times Of A Paperclip was potentially a shot in the dark, but with the unique array of guitar strings, benign humor, and furious drum peddling, the album tore open the garment of anonymity. The Garden is well proven to be capable of confronting many musical tasks, and they seem to continue their voyage with honor.

The Life And Times Of A Paperclip is ripe with sixteen tracks, or rather, short-sides bits and sound clips. These clips can be as short as eighteen seconds, such as the track Vada Vada, or stretched to around one-and-a-half minutes, such as the track Life As A Hanger.

Filling the essence of these tracks are a grunge-like, lowly compressed guitar strings, fast-paced drumming, and short-sided and sweet literals.


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A few of my favorite tracks are Interrupt, I See A Moth, and Apple. Interrupt is a vivacious, minute-long improve case. I enjoy the fast-strung and fast-peddling energy the twins give off in this song. I See A Moth plays off of Interrupt, which includes similar energy, repeating the mantra “I see a moth and he’s looking at me.”

This album was released in 2013, and ever since then, The Garden has been experimenting with different sonic avenues and inspirations. For a duo with immense raw power in their performances, it’s a shame that they don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

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