The Anonymity of Jack J

Jack J is Dub music’s modern enigmatic figure. For once in a period, he’ll expose his hand with a new single or EP. For a good duration of time, his fans are left with his precious relics.

For a short period in between 2012 to 2014, Jack J would release an occasional EP or single to avoid the listener’s stultification. During this period were the releases of his ambient Mother Volumes, as well as his Looking Forward To You Single in mid-2014.

His anonymity shadows a good portion of his life, including his personal caricature, ambitions, and livelihood. Although not much music is listed under his Bandcamp page, it isn’t true that his voice isn’t a driving force for his music. Jack J articulates the process of his creations under the descriptions of his Bandcamp page.


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He vaguely confesses the creation having been crafted under the influence of live instruments and the other half under digitized construction. In his recent 2018 release of the 2014 renditions of Thirstin’, he articulates the calculating instruments and pattern arrangement he used to craft the music involved.

Under the description, he admits being more focused on intensifying his technique in the meantime.

“So where do I begin? Well, I recorded the drums first.  It took a while to get the sound I wanted and honestly I didn’t even come close to achieving it but the groove was simple and it sounded alright.”

 – Jack J under Thirstin’

Throughout the rest of his recollection, he’ll admit the synthesizers, pads, and instruments used in the creation of the later abandoned tracks. Jack J is focused on the honesty of creation and isn’t afraid to confess his process if it means something good will come out of it.


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His music is an enmesh of felt notches and sentimental vibrations. Thirstin’ sounds like a standard House song on paper. Compared to the nocturnal energy that House music likes to project, Thristin’ is a tune that reverts haze into the light. Described in the Bandcamp description, the shining elements of the song include the noises of cymbals, light vocals, and a two-step chord progression.

The track Something (On My Mind) follows through with similar radiance. The drum and snare pattern align in a repeating pattern, taking one step after the other. Some of the more warm elements come from the strung bass guitar and the crenulated saxophone pattern.

With the few tracks he’s released, there is a good justification on why he’s garnered attention nonetheless. He already demonstrated his reacting approach to mixing House and Jazz music. All in all, he makes feel-good music.


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Something (On My Mind) is as reassuring as it is enticing. The feeling can be attributed to a track like Atmosphere. In that track, each guitar string rung adds to the glistening background chords and percussion.

There is a type of energy that Jack J releases in his music that not many other House or Jazz musicians approach with. He wants his listeners to feel good. His honesty showcases that with the amount of effort he goes through to make a sheer few tracks.

Jack J has promised to come back with new material, and hopefully so. His image, one by one, can be shed into something admirable. Similar to the likes of DJ Boring for House music or milo for Hip-Hop.

For that, Jack J has a responsibility to serve, but will assuredly be served with pure execution and passion.

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