Psychedelic Flavors with Coryayo’s ‘Stones-Ape Theory’

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The twentieth century was the indefinite impetus of how we think and react to the natural world today. One of the pushes that thwarted Victorian era-thinking was the open studies and discussion on psychedelic usage.

For a brief moment in western history, before the declared War on Drugs, mind-altering substances, most significantly psilocybin, was accepted by academic openness and prospered hope for the medical world.

Before the Powers That Be took away the potential, academics and psychedelic lecturers such as Aldous Huxley articulated their personal usage and experiences with such drugs. One main proponent of psychedelics was American Ethnobotanist and national lecturer, Terence Mckenna.

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Mckenna demonstrated absolute erudition on the field of psychedelics and began to spread the word of its potential use for the alteration of human consciousness and thinking. The word was out and bleeding into the twenty-first century was another wave of psychedelic usage amongst the American youngsters of today.

His proposed Stoned-Ape Theory is such an accepted theory that many other lectures and academics have looked and argued about the possible validity of the theory.

The theory supports the claim that during the age of the Homo Erectus, the ape managed to develop its magnified consciousness through the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms and plants.

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I personally don’t see any reason to argue against this, as this became a fervent footnote into the study of the developing mind, as well as supporting the historical blips into its growing power.

Coryayo released a beat tape after the aforementioned theory. Observing his social media posts in the past, he seems to be wide open to the dissimilar ways of thinking that combat the west’s indolent ways of thinking.

Stoned Ape Theory holds fourteen beats altogether. Compiled in order and masqueraded by the lusciously drawn cover-art, Stoned Ape Theory can be held as another of Coryayo’s inspired enclave of noises and sounds.

In this project, Coryayo seems to be dedicating his beats to his root demonstrations. Although the sound may be more crisp and clear, the tracks here still hold the lo-fi aesthetic, with sample niches of Jazz, old-school Hip-Hop, and Synth music. The musical flavors differ from one another and demonstrate their own breath in this project.

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The beats here are aptly named lightning, concrete jungle, 432, fantasy, etc. The tracks here range in between one to two minutes in duration, with the exception being ashby, which lasts over three minutes.

The tracks are inspired in their own right. At times the beats can be blissful, other times, sedating and mellow. Although, the beats here have different characteristics not only from each other but from a lot of the music that is heard today.

For some of these tracks, I can’t recall the samples being looped or the types of instruments being played. The track mycelium involves twangy guitar strings and pelting drums that loop in accordance with the other components of the tracks. The sample sounds something recognizable, but I’m unsure of where I’ve heard it from.

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While tracks like mycelium and rubaiyat follow that route, tracks such as fantasy and 432 are just pure Hip-Hop dedications. 432 is my favorite track from here, but I can’t clarify why. The sample just contains some simple chords with a stepping drum layered on top of them, but there is a supernatural quality from its simplicity that resonates with me.

The track sounds bright, glowing, and maybe a little jovial. The track fantasy is such a recognizable ode to the Hip-Hop relics of the olden days. There is a chord that seethes through the track that slides under the pounding drums, making a simple procession such an odd experience.

The project itself isn’t something new for Coryayo. During his musical excursion with Radio Juicy and collaborations with Wun Two and Audio Push, this is a recognizable staple to his proven hand. He has a taste for diversity and the mind for such diverse creations.

Such as the poignant thoughts that may appear during psychedelic usage, this project allegorically points out the varying tastes and sights of an artist’s exalted mind.

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