Winter Appreciation with Wun Two’s Snow Vol. 4 EP

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I had first listened to one of Wun Two’s first winter-themed EP’s, snow, when it was released near the end of 2014. Year after year, I would witness the independent progression of his sampling technique and his growing cult following.

It has been four years, and now, Snow Vol. 4 has been released. Regardless of the passage of time, Wun Two stays true to his essential formula. Breakbeats and MPC snares over twangy Jazz samples, not prolonging the beat for over two minutes or so.

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The EP doesn’t last much more than fifteen minutes. This is a brief experience to study through. With these types of projects, every element of the creation is a needed component. From the heavily textured EP cover to the pinnacle sounds of each beat, the creation as a whole is easy to read.

The appreciation of the project does not come from one aspect over the other but treating each component as an equal membrane. The twelve tracks here should serve no other purpose but to sedate and comfort. Wun Two loves the holiday season. Through his sound technique alone, the listener paints his or her own portrait in their own mind.

Maybe they see themselves sitting by the fireside, looking out at the flurrying snow swaying softly along the occasional wind drift. Or, he listeners may see himself or herself in the center of nature’s work, with snow falling in the middle of isolated woods, or near a campfire, warming yourself under the still but bitter temperature.

Wun Two allows you to choose your setting and instead creates the background noise for your romantic creation.

The EP starts off with the thirty-second introduction track, In. In only displays, the main sampling point then repeats its loop. The track Cold Shower plays right after. Cold Shower is such a serene beat. Along with the whispering xylophones and nimble snares, Wun Two uses some guitar sample that adds on to the whole beat for some odd reason.

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The track after Cold Shower is Mandarine featuring fellow beat constructor Knowsum. There is some more sound play occurring in the track. The discordant piano sample is congruously matched with a looped vocal sample and background snares.

An interesting beat here is the track Let It Snow. The beat directly loops the song Let It Snow from 90s R&B boyband, Boyz II Men. Two tracks here feature Jazz Hop’s imperial figure, FloFilz, entitled Same Old and Harctic.

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Same Old samples a standard Jazz piano and loops it to stay in accordance with the beat play. Harctic is heavier in tone, which may feature two samples that play with each other effortlessly. I could hear electric chords that softly dance along the matched samples, altogether creating an oddly satisfying winter track.

My personal favorite tracks are Paula and Since U Been Gone. Paula, being a slower track, is ironically one of the more vibrant tracks here. Not due to its volume, but due to the light chords and the rattling drum sample that breathes life into its minute-long duration.

Since U Been Gone is pure Hip-Hop bliss. Wun Two demonstrates here what he knows best. He matches a perfectly subtle sample of shimmering light with a seething electric chord and stepping drum pads.

The continuation of these projects is more or less a habitual practice. Just like the warming of hot chocolate or shopping for the best gift, Wun Two and other Jazz head delivers the best background experience for a season like this.

Snow Vol. 4 doesn’t seem like his last effort in the series. These may go on throughout his whole music career, which makes it all the more exciting to look forward to the holiday season.


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