Rhythm Section’s House Movement

Image from factmag.com

Bradley Zero discovered his platform in 2009. Through this platform held a vision that manifested in his mind. The platform allowed his mind to elucidate the vision into a reality, rendering it successful. The label, Rhythm Section, then joined forces with NTS Radio in 2012 to transfer through the intestines of Europe’s geography. In 2014, Rhythm Section became Rhythm Section International.

Image from nts.live (Bradley Zero)

Rhythm Section is one of the more important labels to be discovered in Europe in the past decade. The label doesn’t fancy itself as a global phenomenon. The label celebrates the passion of music and independent artistry.

For nine years of its existence, the label has found the names of musicians that are held in the vines of Europe’s evolving music scene. Musicians such as the beaming Henry Wu, Peckham’s lyrical splitter and King Krule affiliate MC Pinty, and New Zealand’s boundary-pushing Chaos in the CBD.

Rhythm Section’s main approach to their goal is representation without the efforts of extraneous marketing. The label stays true to their Boiler Room and Radio culture, all while calling for the attention of House heads and nightclub bedouins. The music stays true to the fans of their favor. They appreciate the smooth sounds and the mellow vibrations young people are in need of today.

Image from mcpinty.bandcamp.com

The artists they represent all have a style of their own that not many can cultivate or emulate. MC Pinty takes the haziness of old-school House music and breaks down its core elements into breakbeat Hip-Hop celebrations.

Contrasting the billowing nature of Pinty’s work is recent affiliate Alternative group Retiree. The group meditates on unfound sounds and relays them into such an odd order that ends up resulting in such stunning and abstract music. Their track Pumice Stone from the album House Or Home is one of my favorite songs of this year because of this reason.

Video uploaded by Rhythm Section International Discography (YouTube)

Each artist has the opportunity to expose their own sound through this conduit. Rhythm Section takes the risk of accepting such new voices but doesn’t lose touch with their listener. This label, as well as London’s Balamii, understands that House music is in need of revitalization.

Traditional House music hasn’t been in a lofty position in music since 2002’s send-off artists such as Soldiers of Twilight and Metro Area. Through the advent of internet culture, House music has been discovered and resurged. Rhythm Section is doing its part in ensuring that the genre matures through another transformation such as how Hip-Hop and R&B has.

Not subjected to House music, the label takes on any form deemed esoteric, maybe even counter-culture. Thanks to labels such as these, aspiring musicians are now combating with each other, ensuring that the chosen musician is sure to be a talented one.

I can’t picture what an avid Rhythm Section listener is like. I have never met one. Whoever that listener may be, I hope they are listening right now, dozing off into the cool noises of the next generation and proud of the fact.

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