Winter’s Hip-Hop Soundtrack – ‘Wait For Silence’ With Wun Two

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The winter season of 2014 and 2015 will continue to be one of the most significant seasons of my life. Although the excitement of the Winter vacation flushed through me, the beginning was impeded with a bad ear infection. The pain not of the physical torment, but of the inability to sink in my ear pods into my sockets was what excruciated me as a bored teenager.

After a few days, the physical pain began to wane away. In the midst of the night, pupils dilated open and locked into the flurrying glean of the gentle snowfall, I had decided to peruse through some music to match the present scenery.

In such a perfect alignment in the present moment, Wun Two’s Wait For Silence EP was what made me a fan. I will never forget listening in silence while watching the quiet snow pile upon the parking lot and street lamps.

Wun Two released his Wait For Silence EP in late November of 2012, being one of his first releases on his Bandcamp page. The EP consists of eight tracks that contrast from each other with their duration and technicalities.

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The tracks that sample older Hip-Hop tracks range between three to four minutes, as his instrumentals could last between one to two minutes.

Besides the tracks differing from one another, the overall sound of the project is such an esoteric sensation. Listening to this in idle moments, regardless of the worldly setting should be good enough to enhance the shelled experience.

When I listen to this during the dead winter nights, there’s something about the half an hour that really compels the night into further bliss.

After the twenty-second introduction from the track entitled coal, the first legit track starts off with the track jungle. Wun Two samples the lyrics from Rumble In The Jungle from A Tribe Called Quest for this beat. Completely thwarting the Boom-Bap sound of the original song and instead, adding a blissful, warm instrumental in the background, it renders it an entirely new song.

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In jungle, Wun Two’s signature drums are first introduced here, which is one of the main staples that travel throughout the EP. The third track, fonk, samples Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s golden era days. The sample is lacquered with a fluttering piano sample, which only adds onto Wun Two’s MPC play.

The main beat that could summarize the EP as a whole would be the fourth track, silence. The beat only lasts around a minute, as there isn’t much being displayed here. But the present components all work so well together.

The vocal sample matched with the extraterrestrial sound effects and lo-fi drum pattern all miraculously tune in with one another. This was the beat that was present at the moment of my nocturnal daze, and it will always be one of my preferred Wun Two beats.

The rest of the tracks follow the same vibrations. The track trees is a nice lo-fi beat, as snooklyn is a serene beat that follows the sample with a Winter-felt and torrid string instrumental.

Wun Two’s Wait For Silence EP will continue to define what the winter season feels like to me. Along with a handful of projects, the short EP will have continued power for me as much as Jackson Five has on the Christmas season, or Country music has on the summer season.

For that, I thank and salute Wun Two for helping to conduct one of the single experiences of my youth.


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