Pinty’s ‘Tropical Bleu’ Single


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I’ve been instilled in my patience, waiting for MC Pinty to release anything for the past three years. After Sub Luna City’s breakthrough in early 2014, members King Krule, Rago Foot, Black Mack, and Jadasea have been slowly but surely exposing some of their own vignettes.

Although not officially a part of the Sub Luna City modicum, Peckham’s young Disc Jockey and Rapper MC Pinty is also making a semi-masqueraded return.

MC Pinty his debut effort in 2015 titled Midnight Moods. Since then, he did not appear to have extended any further into his music, besides some of his guest appearances and his consistent radio shows with London’s Balamii station.

Through his DJ touring, Pinty became the sole focus from both Peckham and London’s ongoing Hip-Hop scene. What made his image especially significant in the scene was his openness to House and Dance music. His shows were enticed with local and international House tracks that allowed his shows to pop with sporadic breadth.

Midnight Moods dealt in the realms of Deep House mixed with slow Electronic music and minimal Hip-Hop breakbeats. After subtly teasing another project on his social media platforms for around a year or so, Pinty finally released a single off his upcoming album, City Limits.

Tropical Bleu is released under Bradley Zero’s infamous South London label, Rhythm Section International. The single solely produced by King Krule, under his Hip-Hop pseudonym, Edgar The Beatmaker.

The single involves Edgar’s synthetic chords and soft breaks that Pinty seems to prefer with his music. There’s a screeching chord that is layered by the breakbeats and stoushed London keys.

MC Pinty yet again follows on flow with Edgar’s wavy instrumental. His high-pitched intonation matched with witty and despondent lyricism. The single overall is nocturnal and bitter, added by Pinty’s chosen breakbeats and jumping chords. This single serves as a teaser for Pinty’s upcoming project early next year, and will hopefully shine such as his last project.

Video uploaded by Rhythm Section International Discography (Youtube)

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