Mndsgn’s Musical Capacity with Body Wash

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Through extraterrestrial voyages, beyond the incomprehensible, comes along the synthetic dance grooves of Parliament-Funkadelic and low-headed prancers of the night clubbers. Now that the world has been flipped upside down and shaken unfathomably once again, sounds like these are sought out and discovered.

Mndsgn is a creative relic to cherish for the future. Stones Throw never ceases to find adaptable artists that know how to speak to the conventional mind of mankind. Mndsgn appeared in the scene around the same time as Knxwledge, around 2008 and forward. During the start of 2010, the decade found its definitive sound.

The instrumental sound of breakbeats and obscure twentieth-century samples became a sought-after sound from the hungry youth.

Mndsgn began his musical pursuit starting out with projects such as 3P and Funraiser Vol 2: Skrayons. Around that point, Mndsgn was speaking to the new musical movement that the internet spoke to. The wave of instrumental break beats that college and high school students were listening to in refute against the bombastic noise of cultivating Trap music.

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And just as an artist should, the creative mind always finds a way to adapt to the present calling. In 2016, Mndsgn shifted his focus from short breakbeats to well-rounded, placidly paced, lo-fi R&B dance rhythms.

His shift of focus became the album Body Wash. The album spans sixteen tracks that all adjoin to the space voyage. These tracks levy themselves justifiable to be played under the glistening disco ball or billowing smoke of the late night club of tomorrow. After the minute and a half-long introduction track, Overture, this becomes apparent with the track Cosmic Perspective.

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Cosmic Perspective itself can justify the aesthetic of the album but does not explain the whole diary. The wailing chords along with the synthetic prose match well with Mndsgn’s android-pitched voice. The song synthesizes itself with its lo-fi utilization. Its drenched with sultry quality a step-worthy beat that only set the tone for the rest of the album.

Ya Own Way is a pure, subtle track filled with mystic and crystalized chords that slowly evaporate once the 808 beat breaks in, added with Mndsgn’s chilled vocals.

There’s so much for you, to see your own.

There’s so much for you to do.

When you’re alone, you just might find,

The path to your throne.

Stones Throw manages to find artists that call for people to discover their own path. This track is humbly resonating in that sense.

One of my personal favorites from this album is Searchin III (4 Nothin Else). Mndsgn’s chords are sporadically playful here, which tempers the seething vibes that gush from the background. They all adorn their arrangement into a step-patterned track that goes well under the nightclub feel.

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There’s something about the chords that start at exactly one minute in the track Where Ever U R which gets to me every time. It feels invigorating but grody at the same time, allowing the track to slowly pace down from it’s bouncing pattern to a dreary end.

Mndsgn is an underground artifact that shines under the rummage of coal. His creative capacity just reaches beyond the threshold of necessity, which allows him to easily adapt to the modern sound, whilst establishing his own sound at the same time. This is something that many artists cannot accomplish, and for that, Mdnsgn is one of Stones Throw’s most iconic artists to date.

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