Weird Enclave of Musicians – Stones Throw Tour



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Every avid listener of Hip-Hop should recognize the name Stones Throw at this point. The label holds eminence upon the underground Hip-Hop and R&B scene. The label’s founder, known by his stage pseudonym as Peanut Butter Wolf, has a peculiar taste that managed to keep the label’s name alive for over two decades.

His hand alone has managed one of the top artists in every realm of the underground scene. The label’s presence is well known especially in its home on the west coast, as well as the creative reservoirs of the east coast. This tour is most likely an attempt to spread its name throughout the rest of the nation.

Oddly, instead of every member collectively traversing throughout the nation, city by city, the artists are sent to various cities to perform on their own route. Luckily, Chicago managed to get four of the artists to perform in a single night for a small, obscure venue. The four artists were Prophet, Kiefer, Jerry Paper, and Stimulator Jones.

The event was held in the Virgin Hotel for Chicago, just down the street from the Trump Tower. A friend an I were lucky enough to reach there early. The venue was held in a small, dim-lit room colored by infrared green lighting, with a glass panel on the left and a bar at the back.

The following videos are each artists performance in order. Starting with Prophet, his performance was the shortest, but no less settled the mood for the rest of the night. This was especially accentuated by his glittering sequin apparel over coating his tank top.


What settled the atmosphere was mainly Prophet’s laissez-faire attitude and humble aura, allowing the audience to become comfortable with the stage performers.

Next is the ecstatic and quirky Stimulator Jones:

Stimulator Jones

He had the most fervent energy throughout the entire event. At one point, he attempted to stand on top of one of the stereos and continue his performance from there.

Next is the poignant presentation by Kiefer:


Kiefer’s performance writhed the aesthetic from the previous two performers. At this point, the audience went silent, hypnotized by Kiefer’s soulful entrancement. This has been a favorite for a lot of the audience members.

The last performance was by the inane but collectively talented group with Jerry Paper:

Jerry Paper

This performance was the longest, but well worth the duration. The ensemble of the performance enhanced the live quality of their studio work, really adding onto Paper’s own stage persona. Especially as he was laced with a gleamy green dress and spouting out random phrases throughout the show.

The event lasted until two o’clock at night, leaving the audience well aware that although this may be a rare event, this was also meaningful for the artists.

Many of them claimed that that night was their first time in Chicago. As a fan of the label since childhood, that was a meaningful truth that many of that belonging to the small crowd may never forget.


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