A Celebration of Life – ‘The Great Outdoors EP’ by ExZac Change and Matisse


Image from genius.com

The same story has been told, is being told, and will be told for every life born and decomposed. Every boy growing into a man is the conventional story of growth and perseverance. The glorious moments will exalt the character, but those moments are impossible without the sheath of sorrow.

In between the progressive moments of every journey, the trees continue to shiver to and fro, the breezes continue to charge through the horizon, and the planet continues to hover and turn.

In such distressing periods, the common people begin to forage for alleviation. Natural writers begin to romanticize their documented life, athletes focus their whole being into the structure of their game, and musicians focus their mind into their craft.

That is the appealing part about the feeling I got after listening to this project for the first time. The project is short with six tracks, which emphasize the focus on these mere six tracks. ExZac Change and Matisse follow the same structure that’s expected from the Jazz-Hop genre.

Image from changenmatisse.bandcamp.com

The beats are simple in structure but emotive in the presentation. The Jazz and Hip-Hop samples used allow every beat, snare, and instrument to shine, making sure the listeners recognize them and hear them well.

ExZac and Matisse are a duo of hope. The beats themselves assuage the honesty they both evocate in their lyricism. This is apparent in the first track after the intro, Brand New Day. ExZac raps, or more concisely, expresses his sentiments for his minimalism. A nice car, a good cup of coffee, and some satisfying herbs are what all he needs and is appreciative of it. Matisse ponders through the trials and tribulations of petulant mind boggles and unnecessary reflections, looking forward instead of “focusing on what you can do instead.”

With the positive momentum, they carry throughout the six songs, ExZac and Matisse understand how pain can feel. I can feel this the most in the track Puddles. I always appreciate a subtle Peanuts’ sample, along with the calming aura that their lyricism envelopes over nice piano chords and tempered beat snares.

All in all, their point is to search for an oasis, regardless of your situation. Life is beautiful and should be taken poignantly. Godspeed to ExZac and Matisse for being a part of the positivist movement Hip-Hop has become essential for.

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