An Earful of Singles – Another Round


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Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic

As the Autumn season sets in and almost everybody tied to the music industry starts shoveling out their ‘product’ for the holiday season, the pile of singles and single tracks start making an onslaught on your ears and other senses.

As is usually the case, most of the choices are geared for that middle ground that excites practically nobody, unless the stuff is good to dance to.

Picking good singles in such a situation is the standard needle and a haystack story, but three, at first unassuming songs do stick out and deserve a mention. It might be a sign that the trio comes from those standard US music hotbeds that are Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Nashville.

Michael Richard Klics – Resort Town

When Steely Dan’s Walter Becker died earlier this year, the focus on the brilliant music that band produced was sadly short-lived.

Now, here comes the L.A. songwriter Michael Richard Klics, with this quietly unassuming track of the ‘Steely Dan-like’ coolness that can easily serve as a tribute to both Becker and the music of one of the best rock bands that are still around. It also raises the expectations of any forthcoming music from Klics.

Audio uploaded by Michael Richard Klics (SoundCloud)

The Y Axes – Empty Space

The band’s doing justice to that ‘Punky Pop’ sound championed by Blondie are becoming a rarity, except, I guess, Blondie. San Francisco’s The Y Axe’s could be one of those exceptional rarities.

Their “Empty Space” single is exuberant, fast-paced and above all truly melodic piece of Pop/Rock, and yes, it will remind you of those dance moves you might have thought are forgotten. Deserves quite a few replays.

Video uploaded by TheYAxes (YouTube)

Gracie & The Valley – Serotonin

From the excellence of the two tracks above, notwithstanding, the personal favorite comes from Nashville trio Gracie & The Valley. A song its author Gracie Bates says is about “losing yourself in the process of chasing your dreams” is an exquisite ballad that sounds like a perfect cross between Dream Pop and Country.

Initially, it might seem like a strange combination, but Bates’ melody touches and intriguing voice bring the song together and make it shine.

Audio uploaded by Gracie & The Valley (SoundCloud)

Ljubinko Zivkovic is a Copywriter and a Freelance Journalist. You can read more of his material on his Medium page at (

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