Universal Instrumentals – Alex Ruby’s ‘Réaubois’ Album


From Alex Ruby’s Twitter Page

The age of the instrumental is at its highest peak without any sign of crashing anytime soon. The free market has called upon unspoken talents from across the globe and see what they could offer to the universal language.

Along with the globalization of instrumental music manifests interesting ideas and experimentations not yet noticed or heard of before. In the bridge exposing tomppabeats, Ben Hauke, Joji, potsu, and Wun Two, there’s another specter appearing from the mist and exposing his shimmering archives of minimal beats and samples.

Alex Ruby only has two projects under his table as of now. One of which is a lyrical project over mechanical beats, another is an instrumental set of his ideas. Réaubois is a ten-track collection of beats that carry along new aesthetics with every beat.

A beat like Conan’s Garden emblazons a standard “home-made” MPC work with a recognizable yet unfamiliar sample. Every element in each track is comprehensible, which is actually a common trope for modern instrumental Hip-Hop. With the likes of Madlib or MF Doom, the samples tend to be begrimed and rusted with vinyl filler, added on by intricate drums and snares, on purpose of course.

For example, in the track Zuri, I could comprehend what’s going on. The undulating sample decorated by a mamba-like pattern drum pattern makes for a cohesive beat that is enjoyable yet understandable.

In this collection, everything is meant to be clean and transparent. The beats are plain and simple, but not to say they’re not interesting. Every track differs from one another in terms of their aesthetic. One beat could be a minute-long, laid-back session, as another could be keenly head-bopping.

In every enmesh of recognizable figures, such as Joji and DJ JD Sports (Archy Marshall), the subgenre leaves no tight space for newcomers. Virtually almost anyone with some technical skill with current music-making equipment and a brain for creativity has the potential to create something arcane.

Listeners will either understand or not understand the material, but regardless, the only understanding the project receives should be first, the producer himself.

You can listen to his album on Spotify:

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