An Earful of Singles

Written and Selected by Ljubinko Zivkovic


Image uploaded by Kissing Is A Crime’s Facebook Page

If there are an overflow and abundance of albums available to listeners, what can be then said about an almost mind-boggling choice of singles in any shape and form, including the revamped 7” format!

Of course, the largest pile of those is the ‘standard’ middle of the road fare, and that epithet goes for not just a specific genre, but practically all of them. Whether it be Rap, Pop, Soul, you name it.

Maneuvering among these is usually left to chance or a rule of thumb. Unless, of course, somebody points you in the right direction. Still, in the end. it all depends on personal taste.

Here’s a personal choice of some of the more distinctive singles available at the moment, among stills emerging artists:

Fiona Grey – Dirty Dream

With dance-oriented numbers, usually, the accent is on the rhythms that are most suitable for the dance floor, often masking the singer’s deficiencies with studio mastery. There was no need to do this with the Los Angeles singer Fiona Grey. She obviously has an abundance of singing talent and the tune is good enough to give the producers a chance to highlight both the melody Gray’s very good singing voice.

Video uploaded by Fiona Gray (YouTube)

Fiona Gray – Dirty Dream [Official Music Video]

Scarves – Crushed Eyes

For indie rock bands these days singles come as an afterthought or a vehicle to promote their upcoming albums. Often, the choice is not exactly the best one for such a showcase. Seattle mood rockers Scarves obviously put some thought in what song would best present their upcoming album /Dinner Dates for the End of Days/.

A slow, brooding number with some inventive guitar buildup reminiscent of Slint Thalia Zedek or Yo La Tengo in their moodier mode.

Audio uploaded by Scarves (SoundCloud)

Kissing Is A Crime – Noise at Night 

Matt Molnar and Beatrice Rothbaumm, or the composing/singing part of the Brooklyn quartet, Kissing Is A Crime, obviously realize that having an intriguing video clip for your single can be quite essential.

In presenting “Noise At Night,” a Sioux & The Banshees/Cure inspired piece of Dark Guitar Pop they go for that Louis Bunuel/David Lynch vibe that fully complements the song itself. Should take them far.

Video Uploaded by Don Giovanni Records (YouTube)

Kissing Is A Crime – Noise at Night

MAWD – Wandering Eye

MAWD, or California singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Madelaine Matthews (six instruments, more or less), on the evidence of “Wandering Eye”, goes for a good, clean, expansive melody and arrangement that does not drown her voice.

It is not only her voice that she needs to showcase but an obvious sense of a good melody and a rich arrangement that is not overburdening. A great Pop ditty.

Audio uploaded by Sound x3 Music (SoundCloud)

Paper Fairy – You Know You’ve Not A Thing

Another musician with a pseudonym, Paper Fairy, or Brooklyn’s Chris Gaskell, on the evidence of “You Know You’ve Not A Thing” is more into the realms of Sophisticated Pop.

The accent is put on a very intricate instrumentation that is not your run-of-the-mill Rock material, promising that his forthcoming debut album “Haunter Haunted” is something that will need a more detailed listening.

Audio uploaded by Paper Fairy (SoundCloud)

Kelsy Karter – God Knows I’ve Tried

Basing your music on the Fifties and Sixties models can be a tricky affair. But New Zealand-born, LA-based Kelsy Karter not only has an exceptional vocal range but also a brilliant knack to incorporate all her influences from Buddy Holly to The Rolling Stones and Sixties soul into an excellent soul-inspired ballad.

An artist that absolutely needs to be watched.

Audio uploaded by Kelsy Karter (SoundCloud)

Ljubinko Zivkovic is a Journalist and Freelance Writer. You can read more of his material on his Medium page at (

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