Mac Miller – Summertime Memories


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In 2016, the late Mac Miller had released a single titled Dang! with Rennaisance talent Anderson .Paak. The single instantly pulled me into his music, which was later into his music career than any other typical Miller fan. Dang! was a light-hearted and sonorous tune with Miller’s typical laissez-faire persona.


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The single became one of my favorite songs of the season and influenced me to peruse through his discography at the time. What captivated me about Miller compared to any other artist I listened to at the time was his personality. Both in his music and his interviews, Miller has such a dainty vibe when approaching almost anyone.

He always held an inviting smile and seemed to hold his peers and collaborators to a high degree through his inviting nature. Dang! was a single I listened to repeatedly, as I’ve watched the music video an endless amount of times. This led me to actively listen to his Faces mixtape, as well as his collaboration with Sydney Bennett from The Internet and Thundercat.

In the Morning ended up in my playlist as well. There was something about the sound he delved into hat was rich with bliss and was perfect to listen to under the sun.


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By the time I was eighteen, I had friends and peers that dealt with drug use and existential conflicts. With the bliss and sunshine that the production eluded from his music, his lyrics would state otherwise.

Holding a lifeguard job, barely paying attention to my surroundings while keeping the earbuds in, I would listen o his music repeatedly. The swiveling trees and blasting winds were more than enough to perfectly suite the music playing as a sort of background noise from what I was gazing at.

I would think about the recent stories I have heard. Stories about those who fell victim to drug use, as well as depression and an active, tumultuous lifestyle.

After my shift, I would then quickly lock up the doors and head out into the nights that created the best memories of my life. I remember blasting songs such as Dang! in the stereo as we would profane and laugh throughout our nightly ventures.

Mac Miller was the perfect voice to add to these scenarios. His voice was young and understanding. As many artists would try to relate to their listener, who is usually the youth, Miller understood the youth. Everything about his talent was light-hearted and nearly petulant.

His playful nature transferred well into his music, which was odd, being that he typically dealt into darker topics and themes. With these thematic penances, his grievances were usually shielded with his natural coolness.

Once he passed away on September 8th, there was an outpouring of shock and mild grief from fans around the world. It seemed that his aesthetic reached more than just me, and created more memories than the ones I just had.

His latest album dealt into the darker layers of his conscious, as those who appreciated him didn’t want to think about. Although he was a victim of his own vices, the music he’s made has obviously reached people worldwide.

With the memories his music has created for me, all I could do to appreciate his life is to put his music on replay, as the memories slowly fade away every day, but the feelings will never vanquish.

As long as the feelings are there, his spirit will never die off.

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