New Voice of Experimental Music – Rejoicer’s ‘Energy Dreams’


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In the expansion of global music, cities and regions around the world are now experiencing music scenes like never before. The cosmopolitans of the world are well integrated into what their neighbors are doing at the moment. After Hip-Hop’s expansion into the world, western European cities like Peckham and London now have their own sound to reciprocate towards the whole human race.

Tel Aviv, Lebanon is another showcase now being represented. Before Yuval Havkin became Rejoicer, Lebanon was one of the reservoirs for the club music scene the middle east and Eastern Europe was and still is infamous for. Stones Throw affiliate Rejoicer didn’t necessarily change that but instead added onto its progression.

Havkin slipped through the beat scene occurring during Flying Lotus’s and Brainfeeder’s reign during the 2010 and after. Havkin spent his years curating records and reworking them after discovering his musical obsession post-2006.

After over a decade of putting forth his work and collaborating with the likes of other progressive beat makers, Havkin sparked a flame for his hometown. After several albums and tours later, Rejoicer released yet another mind-bending and quirky Electronic and Trip Hop album.


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Energy Dreams came out just as the Summer is coming to an end. The wind is starting to pick up, as workers and students are coming back from their shimmering and dainty vacations and returning to their periodic and time-constricted schedules.

There needs to be some room for a creative hiatus as students commute to school and employees are stuck in traffic. This, as well as Havkin’s other pieces of work, would be one of the better choices for this year.

Energy Dreams is a solid eleven tracks, with each track raking their own furrows under the midst of catchy reverbs, warped chord play, and bouncy beat rhythms. Starting with the song Cloud of Me, Havkin displays his predilection of the blissful. The beat throughout its four-minute duration amalgams together spacey chords and airy samples that only reaffirms the title, introducing the listener to another world beyond landscapes and hard gravel.

The following beats after this tracks are titled with themes of space and DMT-inspired terminology, which only adds on to the tracks after the first one. The next track, High on Star Dance, soars away from the clouds and catapults into space. The beat itself sounds extraterrestrial, integrating elements of a spacey dance beat and prolonging synth throughout the whole track.

The rest of the album delves further into the gravity-stricken realm of alien life and levitating cosmos. The album, if anything, is a collection of odd sounds and multiple genres infused with one another, which isn’t the first album to do so.

Although, with Havkin’s accomplishments of catalyzing the beat scene in Tel Aviv, as well as assembling together with other right-brained artists into his Raw Tapes label, it’s odd to see why he’s such a recluse name.

Through numerous portrays of his talents, Havkin is only stepping into becoming a household name. After his affiliation with the infamous Stones Throw label, it will be interesting to see how much further Rejoicer will venture in the next efforts he will display.



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