Parrot Dream ‘Light Goes’ Album Review


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Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic

Since the early days of Psychedelic music dating back to the Sixties, Latin America had stood as an extremely fertile ground for the genre. Whatever sounds would reach the Andes or the Amazon would be filtered through, coming up with some exquisite musical combinations. It didn’t matter whether those sounds were coming from Brazil, Argentina, Peru or Chile or elsewhere on the continent.

That tradition seems to have carried on into the new century, with all the new sounds and genres being fitted into the mold. In many ways, while it may sound familiar on the surface, there’s always a twist or a touch that gives the music originating from there another dimension.

Based on their debut album entitled Light Goes, all this could be said about the Santiago Chile, via Brooklyn, New York duo Parrot Dream. Christina Hansen Appel (vocals, keys) and Gonzalo Guerrero (guitar) seem to have picked up all the great elements of Latin Psychedelic bands. As exemplified in the song We All Together, they combined it with modern-day Dream Pop sounds with the strain that leads from Echo & The Bunnymen to more recent exponents like New York’s Elk City.

Five years on from their beginnings in Santiago, coming up with their debut Parrot Dream seemed to have honed their sound to make it a few notches better than your ‘run of the mill’ Dream Pop sound with multiple guitars covering up all the faults, given Appel’s distinctive vocals enough space to breathe.

Based on the tracks like By Your Side and Cloudchaser, Parrot Dream has enough melodic panache and instrumental capabilities to sound new and refreshing in a genre that has become a bit overcrowded these days.

Evident by Light Goes, it seems that Parrot Dream were able to bring over that Andes mountain air down to Brooklyn. A very promising debut.

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