Want to Write About Your Favorite Music Genre and Artists? Join Aural Grove

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I had started this blog in July of this year, out of an anxious reaction. In the midst of the blood-curdling humidity, I had started to foresee the terrible actualization. For two years, I’ve been obsessively collecting records, keeping up with my favorite musicians, and debating with friends on who the best rapper is today.

I realized that these phases may be one of the last phases of my lifetime. After the celebratory graduation of college, it’s the corporate path from this. This is not to dread for the inevitable life, but to instead cherish these moments and amplify its power so it could stay relevant for a while.

I have always been keeping up with publications such as Pitchfork and Pigeons and Planes, which are the typical go-to sites for anyone keeping up with the modern music scene. Not so much an issue, just something I figured, is that besides looking towards forums and social media, there really isn’t an online publication or platform where the common listener could just get together and talk about their favorite music.

I’m writing this to call upon anyone who wants to write any content relating to the latest musical content, whether that’d be album reviews, thoughts on a new artist, released singles, etc. There could also be content on older music as well. Perhaps music you may feel people have been missing out on.

With writing as an immense interest of mine, I started this blog with the goal of relaying underground names out there and retrieving them the attention they deserve. I’ve managed to garner more attention to an L.A. soul group titled GrooveLinerz, and California rapper Ben Desland.

In the span of that month, I had amassed media attention from groups such as GrooveLinerz and slowly but surely been receiving attention from the likes of nerdyscoop.com on Medium and a few underground publications from WordPress.

If all that could occur within a month, there’s no telling what power we could behold if aspiring music bloggers and writers collectivize and share their musical experiences. I want to call on anyone who wants to share their music tastes and thoughts to join Aural Grove and their posts will be shown on the publication.

My page on Medium is entitled “auralgrove” but you may request permission through the page Smedian. I hope to see you all soon.

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