Missing for Four Decades – Rubba’s Anonymous Notoriety


Image from discogs.com

If you look up the title “Rubba” on any search engine, not much could be found, besides the involvement of the term in the title of Juicy J’s fourth single album, and a village in a Tibetan occupied region in China. The first few results show some of the singles by the band, and only a few indications of their existence, including their label, De Wolfe Music, and the years being active, stated between 1979 to 1983.

Their only discovered album, In Motion: Modern Progressive Group Sounds, is now selling for $229 in vinyl form, which seems to be the only way to find the legitimate copy of the album. Besides illegally grabbing it from cromulent sources, it is hard to understand why this project is such an anomaly in the face of the internet that serves to easily give exposure to such remnants.

Some of their singles from the album have been uploaded onto YouTube, with varying view counts ranging from the thousands to hundreds of thousands. If it were possible to categorize their music, I would assume them to be more delving into the Psychedelic realm with hints of Acid Jazz and Rock. With the few singles left on YouTube to be heard, it’s a shame why they don’t have more of a following.

Way Star may be one of the most obscure but poignant instrumentations I have ever heard. The single starts out with seemingly ominous keys, that eventually delves into echoing guitar strings, pouncing towards the multiple guitar sections that breathe life into the whole track. This track could serve well as a Pink-Floyd influenced track if it weren’t for the fact that this was released shortly after the group’s commercial emanation.

After perusing through more of their music, the released tracks from the album showcase the group’s diverse and cultivating knowledge of sound. Much of their music can sound foreign, thoughtful of South American or Carribean sounds, and Soulful, such as the later works of Miles Davis. For today’s standards, this may seem like a typical approach to dwell into. During the twentieth century, not much of this cultivation was heard of in Psychedelic or Jazz music besides a few household names.

Although, these household names had the innate, monetary, and intransigent advantage over other artists at the time. Rubba manages to submerge these foreign sounds with the Psychedelic sounds of their time, and cohesively construct pieces of soothing pleasure and meditative conduction.

The one album they supposedly released only on vinyl was washed ashore in the evolving enclave of CD-based content and the digital wave. Now that some of the common people’s have kept and tossed around the vinyl pieces for the internet to watch, it could bring in more attention later on. Music like this served as inspiration during the time of developing sound, which is strange why this album’s path was stymied in the process. Although, the whole album is now available for a listen if you are willing to dish out the $229.


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