Jonny P “Shine On” Single Review


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Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic

These days it is easy much easier to pick up on a new artist than before. With all the online sites that present independent music and undiscovered artists, you can actually spend days sifting through the unrelinquished music.

Bandcamp and Soundcloud, in particular, have done wonders for new artists and independent labels, but sites like Reverbnation and Music Talks XYZ deal mostly with those artists that are yet to make it. The problem in all that is, particularly with artists that are yet to make an impact or even be able to put out a more detailed body of work, there is very little information and you have to go with the standard hit and miss process.

Simply put, you play a song and see how it goes. Usually, you end up with a pile of misses and very few hits. Unless you get lucky.

And frankly, I was a really lucky winner. A random Reverbnation soul/R&B playlist started off with a guy called simply Jonny P and his tune Shine On. This is what you would call a truly “old fashioned” soul tune that has more to do with Motown or Stay production of the Sixties than the current slick digitally enhanced stuff which masks every bad side of either the tune or the singer.

There is no hint of that here. The track was recorded live, probably somewhere in Nashville, TN, where Jonny P. moved from his native New York abode. If you’ve recently been enamored by the likes of Leon Bridges or Benjamin Clementine, search out this track or Jonny P’s Right To You EP and you will start wondering why there isn’t more of his music around.

Ljubinko Zivkovic is a Freelance Writer and Copywriter. You can check out more of his content on his Medium page at (




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