The Hip Abduction “Can You Feel It” Review


Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic

These days, the little round black disc with colorful paper and a hole in the middle called single record is fast turning into a faint memory but seems to be getting stronger as a form of art.

While a single CD was practically a non-starter that faded away relatively quickly, the current vinyl resurrection is only bringing back physical singles as a collector’s item. What’s making the single as an art for stronger are streaming platforms and all those playlists practically anybody can make, so it is no wonder that so many musicians are getting back to the single as a method of reaching wider audiences. That even includes those that might have been considered exclusively as album artists, theoretically a completely different kettle of fish.

That would probably include St. Petersburg, Florida musical collective, The Hip Abduction, who started out more as a jamming band but then shaped their sound more as an amalgam of worldly Pop sounds, such as African or Jamaican influenced sounds, with other touches along the way. But The Hip Abduction do have this Pop touch that is suitable to the single medium, and quite a few of their tracks could easily end on any summer beach or lazy drive playlist.

Their latest single, “Can You Feel It” is no exception. This time around THA added a set of club/dance touches and ease on more exotic influences in their music, without trying to abandon their essential sound. It still keeps that Summer vibe, so that dance element is more of a lazy swoon than an entrancement, but the Electronic club touches keep it firmly in ‘what’s hip today’ territory.

The melody itself has that anthemic feel that can certainly work for quite a few people looking for that Summer touch in their playlist. That in itself can certainly entice The Hip Abduction to come up with a few more ‘singleminded’ music.

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