Polartropica – Golden Soul Single Review


Uploaded on Polartropica’s SoundCloud Page

Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic

Singles geared towards heavy radio play these days tend to follow a certain formula –  a nice enough melody with accentuated rhythm elements. If the vocals are there, it is usually a secondary thing – it doesn’t matter whether the singer has a good voice or not (you can always use digital tricks on it), or what the lyrics are about. The more inconsequential, it seems, the better.

So what happens if you stick to the first part of the formula, but re-modify the other? You get Polartropica and her GoldenSoul single. You see, Polartropica, or Los Angeles artist Ihui Cherise Wu can not only sing but has a very good voice, and she lets it shine on this track.

Even more so, GoldenSoul has no inconsequential throwaway lyrics. It deals with the topic of opioid addiction, specifically dedicated to a friend that got prescribed with Oxycontin a few years back, whom she had not be heard from or seen since then. Not exactly your standard pop/dance single fare.

Still, with all these substantive elements in place, what is it about the music that carries the voice and its message? Well, Polartropica has done something that is typically difficult when you have to stick to a formula – she came up with a good mid-tempo melody and spaced-out beats that are at the same time distinctive, recognizable, but do not overpower the voice and the message it carries. Polartropica and her GoldenSoul deserve airplay for all the right reasons.

Ljubinko Zivkovic is a Freelance Writer and Copywriter. You can check out his content on his Medium page at  (https://medium.com/@zivljub).


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