Mission Statement

Since entering in my prepubescent years, I’ve been drawn to the explosion of shouting Hip Hop subgenres post-2009. From the hard-hitting, reverberating breakbeats and ignorance of the newborn Trap genre, to the respect of Nujabes’ meditative and exotic beats after his tragic death early 2010, I captured the blessing of studying the various ranges that a single genre can compose during its pinnacle years. Ever since then, I allowed my favorite musicians and artists to critique and transform my identity during my prime years as a teenager, and still continue to this day.

These blogs are first, to recollect the projects that served as staples to my earlier years, and second, to delve into new projects that interest me and study them from top to bottom. These for the very least should serve as an effort to introduce the music that sinfully went unnoticed during the years of an oversaturated market, and hopefully, give them the recognition they deserve.


Saif's Phone 057



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